LA County Fair’s America’s Kids offers loads of competitions

LA County Fair’s America’s Kids offers loads of competitions

     Have you grown a gigantic gourd? Want to share grandma’s delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe? Or are there any future Picasso’s out there, waiting to show the world your finger-painting style? If so, the LA County Fair wants you. The Fair’s America’s Kids exhibit is accepting entries for a plethora of fun and exciting competitions for children ages 3 to 18. The Fair runs Sept. 2 through 25, closed Mondays (except Labor Day) and Tuesdays.

     America’s Kids offers competitions for everything from cooking to painting to writing to gardening – something for every interest. The exhibit’s theme for 2016 is “Adventures in Literature,” so many of the contests have a literature theme. All contests and competitions, including complete rules and regulations, are listed on the Fair website, The entry deadline is June 23.

     Win a blue ribbon for the biggest pumpkin. Make a scarecrow. Enter your jam or jelly or your favorite cookie recipe. There are several art categories and craft contests, too, like make your own honey pot in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Winnie the Pooh. There’s also a Wild and Wacky Hat contest. Write a story with you as the main character. The only limitation is your imagination.

     Beginners and advanced ceramics artists are invited to enter their handmade, fired ceramics. Sewing, tablescaping, best oatmeal cookie – there are so many events!
For more information, check out the website. For questions, contact the Fair at (909) 623-3111.

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Renee Hernandez