Latest from CUTCO KITCHEN on sale at LA County Fair!

Come experience the CUTCO KITCHEN at the front entrance of Building 6. All of our Cutco knives, low-moisture cookware, and flatware are 100% made in the USA and are backed by the famous Forever Guarantee. Cutco has been the Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy” for knives as well as being the #1 selling high-quality knife in America for nearly 3 decades.  We’re proud to provide America with the World’s Finest Kitchen products since 1949.

Don’t take our word for it, come try the knives for yourself and let Chef Karim cook you a 4-course meal in only 15 minutes. Not only is it fast and delicious, it’s the healthiest method of cooking on the planet. Stay for the show to be entered to win a free piece of Cutco (1 piece raffled off during every show). Don’t have time for a show… talk to one of the assistants of the show to get all your questions answered. 

Look for the big Cutco Cookware sign in the sky in Building 6 to find our booth where you can see what’s new in the entire product line, get individual pieces of Cutco, or upgrade your set. Enjoy savings up to 35% off of our full retail prices. 

For more information, stop by the CUTCO booth, visit, or call 808-791-8356.